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EDJA Foundation was founded in 2015 by Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri to combat child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence in rural Uganda. EJDA began after a nine-year-old primary student was raped by a 35-year-old man. Although the adults around her knew about the rape, they did not know how nor have the resources to help her.

Since then, EDJA has grown to support Many girls and women from ages 4 to 38 who have been sexually assaulted. The program provides FREE counseling, legal advocacy, and medical services in two districts of Southwest Uganda, Rukungiri and Kanungu. EDJA is combining efforts with Nyaka, which has used a human rights-based holistic approach for 16 years to serve the same communities. Nyaka’s mission is to end the cycle of poverty for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and their grandmothers in rural Uganda. The two organizations have been sharing resources and serving many of the same children. In 2018, EDJA Foundation and Nyaka determined that the best way to address sexual assault in Uganda was to merge the two organizations. This will allow them to fully combine their resources and expand the program to support more communities.

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About EDJA Foundation


Combatting Child abuse, Sexual Assault & Domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Edja Foundation envisions a society where every woman and child is safe and protected from abuse.


Establish coalitions of advocates for victors and enforce prevention measures providing medical, legal, counseling and outreach services.

Partners & Recognitions

We gratefully acknowledge our partners, and those who have highlighted our work, whose generous support makes everything possible.

What We Do


In Uganda, an area of economic poverty, survivors of sexual assault are more at risk of STDs, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS of which preventative treatment costs are the equivalent of $5.00. Your contributions ensure that each survivor receives a rape exam and the subsequent treatments needed.


One survivor of rape attempted suicide twice due to the trauma and stigma that’s associated with it. Your donations ensure recovery through professional in-home counseling for a private outlet, while equipping survivors with resources to cope and hope to overcome.


Victims pay the police to transport the perpetrators. Due to police corruption, most perpetrators bribe persons of various establishments to get out of jail. Your donations large or small make a difference by bridging the gap of accountability through supporting a vetted legal advocate to ensure that justice is served.


Survivors are often shunned, shamed and taunted by some in the community who infer that the survivor wanted the abuse. Your donations educate the community about female rights and the consequences of assault through radio broadcast, workshops and local gatherings.

Where Kanunga, Uganda

The beautiful hills of Kanungu are located near Rwanda and the Congo. Kanungu boasts a warm climate year round, and has a rich culture. Unfortunately, the majority of its residents live in poverty despite a population of approximately 280,000 people since the society is dependent on agriculture for its survival.

Kanungu has one major hospital, a police station, and no mental health institutions. Until YOU came along, holistic trauma healing was very difficult if not impossible.

EDJA works closely with the police and medical staff to ensure that all who report their abuse receive free services and counseling from our EDJA social workers. Our approach is holistic in addressing transportation needs, 24/7 emergency hotline, and in-home counseling services.

Transforming Victims to Victors


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Donations EDJA

All donations made on this page go through Nyaka Aids Orphans Project. Thank You for supporting a more holistic approach for our community.

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